"There is no course of life so fine as that built on the doctrine of God’s Word and
no confusion so great as that which occurs with its neglect." -Chester A. McCalley

Why does the website exist?
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This site exists to promote and make available in MP3 format the Biblical teachings of Chester McCalley.

Who is Chester McCalley?
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Please click here to learn more about Chester.

What is an MP3 file?
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MP3 is a compressed audio file. You can use an MP3 player such as an iPod, or listen to it on your computer with music software such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. iTunes also allows you to burn the MP3 files onto a normal Audio CD.
When will new messages be available?
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There is no set timeline as to when or which messages will be available.
Do you offer the lessons on cassette tape or CD?
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No. We have chosen MP3 because of the low cost of production and ease of distribution. If you would like cassette or CD copies of the messages, please call 1 (800) 326-4414.
How can I make donations?
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The WordOfTruth.Net website operates with the knowledge of, but independently from Word of Truth. Monetary support made directly to the website is not tax deductible, and kept separate from Word of Truth. If you would still like to support this website to help subsidize the hosting fees, etc., you may make your contributions via PayPal by clicking the link below. If you would like to make donation directly to the Word of Truth, you may contact that organization at 1 (800) 326-4414, www.wordoftruthkc.org or info@wordoftruthkc.org

How do I contact the website?
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The only ways to contact us is through email (wotruthemail@gmail.com).

I found a problem with the site, whom do I tell?
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Please email wotruthemail@gmail.com.



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